Media Film dan Referensi Film Dunia

Baca Dulu Baru Tonton

Daftar Film Action Barat

Berikut daftar film action baik film lama maupun film baru yang disenangi oleh penonton

-    300
-    Bad boys
-    Bourne Trilogy
-    Die Hard I, II, III, IV
-    Enemy of The State
-    Escape from New York
-    Face Off
-    Fight Club (Tahun 1999)
-    First Blood
-    Gangs of New York
-    Gladiator
-    I, Robot
-    Independence Day
-    James Bond Series
-    Jurassic Park
-    Lethal weapon
-    Lord of the Ring Trilogy
-    Lords of War
-    Men in Black
-    Mission imposible 2
-    Mission Impossible 1 & 3
-    Pirates of the Caribean
-    Speed 1
-    Spiderman Series
-    Tears of the sun
-    The Aviator
-    The Flags of Our Father
-    The God Father
-    The Last Samurai
-    The Matrix (Tahun 1999)
-    Transformers
-    Triple X
-    X Men: The Last Stand

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